Sale Price Tags
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Fastening sales price tags
Sale tags reveal vital product information and pricing. Consumers demand immediate information, so placing easily visible tags that highlight the most essential information helps win over a customer’s attention.


Where you finally decide to affix a tag can have a measurable effect on sales and profits. To maximize visibility, fasten your tag to a place where it can be readily seen, and is free from any obstructions. Anything that can obscure your tag diminishes the tag's viability. For example, consider apparel such as shirts: the ideal place to position your tag would be on the front of the shirt near the neckline so it's eye-level and easy to see.
Most importantly, aim for uniformity to avoid confusion: place your tags in the same spot for each particular item so shoppers know what to expect. (For examples on how not to tag your products, take a look at these funny, poorly-placed labels.)


Keep in mind that some price tags require different installation methods; some tags are fastened via staples oradhesive, while others have to be tied with string made from cord, metal, or twine. Some vendors have tags with elastic strings that can just be slipped over the product and then snapped into place.
Regardless of method, it's important to be careful how you fasten your price tag; after all, you don't want to cause any damage to your goods! Retail stores, for example, try to avoid piercing the garment when affixing price tags, and will instead place the tag on the garment's clothing tag.
For non-apparel items, the rule is the same: fasten your price tag in a way that will not damage your product (but remains noticeable).


Tags come in varying shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. While most are rectangular and incorporate red, you can also find tag vendors that offer variations. Common materials for tags include paper, tyvek, plastic, or metal (metal or tyvek are ideal if durability is a consideration). Tags can be oriented either horizontally or vertically.
If you have a particular vision for your sales tag, find a sign vendor that allows customization. You can tailor your tag’s dimensions; stores typically offer a range from 15/16" X 5/8" to 3 ¼" X 2". Order your tags in a dimension that is large enough to attract attention, but not too cumbersome for your customers and employees.
Ideally, choose bright colors to maximize visibility, taking contrast into account. Don’t forget to include a lighter shade, where you will be able to write or print legible information.
Utilize either barcodes or color-coding (i.e. orange for appliances, yellow for clothes), to help keep track of your assets.
Sale Price Tag
The basic rules of fastening price tags are: consistency and optimum visibility.
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