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Pricing it right at your garage sale
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Garage sales are a good way to get rid of clutter. They can also help you get to know the neighborhood. Use sale price tags to let your items speak for themselves, freeing you up for friendly conversation.
Each week, there is an average of across the United States. Many of those garage sales are conducted by garage sale veterans, but if you're a garage sale first-timer, you might be realizing that they are slightly more complicated than they look. You might find yourself confronted by several difficult questions, like whether or not you need to register your garage sale or how much your items should cost.

When pricing your garage sale items, it's important to keep in mind your reasons for having the sale. On a segment for Oprah Radio, organizational expert Peter Walsh recommended that you see garage sales as an opportunity to reduce clutter in your house, not to make money. This mindset explains why reselling items on eBay that were purchased at garage sales yields an average profit margin of 462 percent.

As far as prices for specific items go, there's no consensus about the best way to price, outside of the general agreement that everything should be cheap enough that anyone who wants it will buy it. Since the goal of a garage sale is to get rid of things, price things at as low of a price as you are willing. For instance, if you're looking to clear up space on book shelves, get rid of your books at a price at or below a dollar. Some people recommend pricing paperbacks for as little as 5 cents, while others will suggest about a dollar. In other words, price items as low as you are comfortable going and always keep your end goal in mind.

If you are selling any big-ticket items, it's a good idea to set your price higher than what you're looking to get. Using these measures, you'll be able to submit to even the most persistent of hagglers at no real loss to either of you. Make sure you don't set the price so high that no one will want it, though.

Using sale price tags at a garage sale can be useful for a few different reasons. For example, garage sales are typically full of curious browsers. If you needed to verbally set the price for each item as it is casually picked up, you may actually lose sales—some browsers prefer not to make conversation, even if it is just to ask the price. On top of not sending your old VHSs or mismatched dishware to a good home, you might find yourself overwhelmed with questions, or at least unable to do other tasks or hold other conversations. And although some haggling is to be expected at any garage sale, a verbal price makes the buyer even bolder. Speaking a price rather than writing it on a sales tag makes it appear as though you have not considered the object’s worth or what a fair price might be.

Pricing your garage sale items doesn't have to be difficult or stressful. Just set the prices at a point where you know that people will want to buy your items. Try and have fun with your garage sale, and don't worry too much about how much money you're making. Taking this advice will help ensure that you have an enjoyable and successful garage sale.
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