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Design of a successful price tag
Garage Sale Price Tags
Show your customers that you “think green,” even about the details. Recycled sale tags are sturdy, versatile, and good for the environment.
Since price tags are often an integral part of a customer's purchase decision, it is crucial that you use effective, well-placed price tags. Price tags can be the difference between a customer buying a product or leaving it, and not just because of the price.

Keep in mind that the quality of your price tags will reflect the quality of your store and the items that you sell. If you use repurposed printer paper to indicate your prices, there is a good chance that prospective customers will view your products with a wary eye.

Ultimately the selection for sale tags, like other aspects of your business, comes down to your intended presentation. If you want to communicate professionalism, polish, and new, high-quality merchandise, your tags should reflect that. In some instances, though, it is acceptable to use cheaper materials. At a yard sale, for example, browsers don't expect the items to be pristine.

A high-end boutique, on the other hand, would benefit from professional sale tags, not only because of the reflection of high-quality attention-to-detail on the brand and merchandise, but also as a way to exercise control over a return policy. If a sale tag is unique to the store, it’s easy to make it a policy that tags must be attached in order for customers to make a return. With distinctive, quality sale tags, it’s simple for sales clerks to perceive when an item has been used or worn and is not eligible for return.

Above all, your tags need to be and easily legible . You don't want to lose a sale because of something so easily preventable as a customer walking away because they’re timid about asking how much an item costs. When placing price tags, think about where you would expect to find a price tag on the item if you were shopping for it. Choose a consistent spot, and make sure you attach the tag to a part of the item that will not cause damage. (Protect fabric from snarling by attaching your tag on the designer’s pre-existing tag on the inside of the collar.) Often times, people suggest that sale price tags should be visible from ten feet away, though this sometimes isn't realistic.

If you’re utilizing sale tags as a requirement for returned goods, make sure the tags are durable (consider high-quality ink on a sturdy cardstock or card vinyl), and placed somewhere visible, such as on the outside of the fabric. This will help keep customers from buying items with the intention of wearing them only once and returning them.

Only a few simple steps need to be followed in order to have a highly effective price tagging system. Make sure that your price tags are easy to read and easy to spot, and always remember that your tags reflect more than just the price of the item.
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