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Types of sale price tags

Sale price tags can communicate more than just the price; they are also an opportunity to reflect the concept and style of your store. Below are a few varieties of sale price tags, representing the span different styles and materials offered on the market.



Sale Price Tag Shapes Though sale tag vendors do offer options in your standard “price tag” shape, other choices are almost always available. Most vendors make tags in rectangles, ovals, ellipses, and other shapes as an alternative from the norm.


Sale Price Tag Color Research shows that red is the most attention-grabbing color. As a result, nearly all sale price tags have red as their main background. Usually, the red on the tag is accompanied by another bright color that is easy to write on and contrasts well with red, like white or yellow. On garment tags and blank tags, the background is usually white or another solid color that is easy to write on.

Sold/Hold tags

Sold/ Hold Sale Price Tags If you're looking for a way to indicate that an item has already been sold or that it is on hold, you can use a sold or hold tag. These tags contain information about the buyer, including name, address, and delivery time.


Sale Price Tag Strings Every tag comes with a hole at the top of it through which to thread a string. Most vendors will offer two options for each tag: one with a string and one without. Strings allow you to attach the tagmore easily to your sale items.

Price comparison

Sale Price Tags Price Comparison Some tags come with spots that are designated for an item's regular price and its sale price. This allows customers to see just how much money they are saving by purchasing the item now instead of later.


Sale Price Tags Wordings Vendors will often vary the wording that they use on sale price tags. While "sale price" and "special sale" may be the most commonly used phrases, "marked down" and "discount priced" are also available. On garment tags, you can be even more specific by noting the style and size, in addition to the price.
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